Giuliana Holm, who just wrote her MA thesis on Italian & Danish migrant and diasporic cinema, short introduced Elisa Amoruso at AMIS Culture Club: Film Festival – University of Copenhagen.

The documentary Strane straniere (Strange Strangers) from 2016, directed by Elisa Amoruso is about five women from different countries: Sihem (Tunisia), Radi (Bulgaria), Sonia (China), Ana (Croatia) and Ljuba (Serbia). They have come to Italy in search of love, work, freedom, and sometimes by fate. They came with one life and exchanged it for another, each of them creating their own businesses. Everything happens in one day: their experiences intertwine and give life to a story about the emotions, joys, and trials of what it means to find an identity in a new country. While their individual stories are different, they each share the experience of being strangers in a strange land.